Please use this form for your out of operational hours booking.  Please note that any flight outside of our published operational hours requires agreement with our out of hours indemnity policy terms and conditions as listed below. Out of operational hours flight bookings are required 24hrs prior to flight.

Please note - You will not always recieve a reply to this booking, if your booking is not accepted you will receive a reply.

Please check NOTAMs for any WIP there may be at the airport.


I agree to the out of hours indemnity agreement below:


Pilots using Swansea Airport as run by Swansea Airport Ltd (hereafter SAL) as an unlicensed airfield outside the operational hours published by UKAIP are required to understand and agree with the terms and conditions published below prior to such use, any disagreement with any of the terms below renders permission to use the airport outside of operational invalid / void.

For the avoidance of doubt, requests for permission to use the Airport via the out of hours booking procedure on this webpage are to be made for each and every proposed use of the Airport. Under no circumstances will a blanket permission be provided, AS PER ABOVE - 24HRS NOTICE IS REQUIRED.

Airside Security:-

The main access door/gate is to be kept closed at all times. Visitors please contact tower@swansea-airport.wales for access code. CCTV is in operation 24/7 covering all areas.

Please ensure hangar doors are locked behind you prior to flying or after landing and putting away aircraft.

Use of Airport facilities & charges:-

Users of any airport facilities provided by SAL do so at their own risk.
The provision of particular services by SAL are commensurate with the Civil Aviation Authority's licensing criteria and shall attract charges in line with SAL's Charging Scheme or as specifically agreed by the Licensee.

Landing Fee:

Please contact Swansea Airport tower@swansea-airport.wales prior to arrival to arrange payment of landing charges (if visiting aircraft). If there is no reply then please contact again within 24hrs. KINDLY PLEASE BE AWARE - you are responsible for contacting & paying your landing fee for out of hours landings. It is not the responsibility of the airport to chase you for the fee - we are too small a team. If no fee is forthcoming then your registration/details will not be accepted for future landings.

Record Keeping:-

Under direction from the Civil Aviation Authority, South Wales Police, H. M. Revenue & Customs and the United Kingdom Immigration Service, SAL shall require all visiting pilots to maintain records of all flying activity both of local flights as well as those to and from the airport. Such records shall be made available to SAL for inclusion in the airport records.
Insurance policies and certificates are to be kept available for inspection by SAL's Risk Manager.
SALs representative in the control tower shall receive a completed copy of the visiting aircraft application form together with out of hours Indemnity Form prior to the arrival of the aircraft. The requirements of this document may change at any time without notice.
In line with the Aerodrome Manual, each aircraft engaged in commercial operations shall be required to have written safe working and operating practices including a specific risk assessment/ safety management system document covering all activities airside.


  1. The pilot will adhere to the requirements of the Air Navigational Order / Rules of the Air at all times.
  2. The pilot acknowledges and accepts that outside of Airport operational hours there is no air traffic control service or fire and rescue service available and that all use of the Airport will be entirely at the risk of the pilot.
  3. Use of the Airport outside of operational hours is restricted to daylight hours only.
  4. The pilot confirms that it is insured for third party and public liability with an insurance company of repute for a sum of £1,500,000 in respect of any incident (unlimited in number). A copy of the relevant insurance policy/ies will be provided to Swansea Airport Ltd on request.
  5. The pilot and/or passengers will not do anything which contravenes the licence of Swansea Airport or of the Civil Aviation Authority Acts and Orders.
  6. The pilot and/or passengers will at all times comply with the requirements set out in the Out of Hours Safety Brief below.
  7. Any permission given by Swansea Airport for use of the Airport out of hours is granted for the aircraft registration and pilot named in the application request and is not transferrable under any circumstances.
  8. The pilot indemnifies Swansea Airport Ltd and the management thereof against all claims, liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the pilots use of the Airport.
  9. Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions will result in pilot's/operators permission to use the airport granted by Swansea Airport Ltd being revoked.

Out of hours safety brief and airport information.

  • Remain aware of aircraft moving and starting engines
  • Do not approach aircraft if there are lights on, it may be starting
  • Do not touch aircraft without the owners permission
  • Children and Pets must be supervised at all times. Dogs must be on a lead
  • Keep within the pedestrian areas at all times
  • No smoking airside
  • No consumption of alcohol airside
  • Do not leave litter airside
  • No mobile phones to be used in or around fuelling areas
  • Be aware of chocks left on ground in apron parking areas
  • All visiting aircraft  must park on the concrete apron in the parking bays marked 1,2 or 3 or H in front of the tower off taxiway alpha or bravo
  • Blind calls are to be made during all aircraft movements on frequency 119.705
  • Permission does not allow use of the Airport/Runway(s) where it/they have been closed by NOTAM
  • Toilet facilities are only available during published operational hours
  • For out of hours support, contact tower@swansea-airport.wales
  • Out of hours Jet A1 refuel and Avgas refuelling is not currently available.